Partner Programs

Our Partner Programs allow others to contribute tools to XTechWare, distribute XTechWare tools and/or related services or contribute consulting services for specific XTechWare projects or technologies on an ad-hoc basis.

Developer Partners

Developer Partners may provide their own tools to XTechWare for resale to XTechWare customers. Depending on the tool and developer specific agreement, XTechWare may also provide implementation or consulting services for their implementation and/or refer customers to the Developer Partner to provide those services.

See Developer Partners for more information on Developer Partners.

Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners may obtain XTechWare tools for resale at a discount. Depending on the tool and reseller specific agreement, Reseller Partners may also receive support in providing consulting services involving the implementation of our tools for their customers and/or refer their customers to XTechWare to provide those services.

See Reseller Partners for more information on Reseller Partners.

Adjunct Technology Consultants

Adjunct Technology Consultants may provide development and/or consulting services to XTechWare or to XTechWare customers thru XTechWare for specific projects and/or technologies on an ad-hoc basis. Adjunct Technology Consultants are an important part of the XTechWare team.

See Adjunct Technology Consultants for more information on Adjunct Technology Consultants.

To contact us about our Partner Programs, please email us at [email protected].