Mastermind Programs

Our free Mastermind Programs are designed to build strategic relationships with our customer base. When you participate in our Mastermind Programs, you help shape our product portfolio, contribute your expertise and in some instances get free or reduced product licensing. These programs give you an opportunity to help us determine what tools to develop and to help shape the tools during the development and testing phases.

There are two levels to our Mastermind Programs as follows.

Customer Mastermind

This is the entry level to our Mastermind Programs. At this level you will receive advance information about the tools we plan to develop as well as release and other product and services information. As a Customer Mastermind you have a priority channel to submit product and service ideas that may be considered for our product and services development pipeline. At this level you also have the option to enroll in the Product Specific Mastermind program for specific tools, as described below. In order to participate in the Customer Mastermind program you must sign a Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA) with XTechWare.

Product Specific Mastermind

To become a Product Specific Mastermind, you must be a participant in our Customer Mastermind Program and enroll in the Product Specific Mastermind Program for the product. Membership in a Product Specific Mastermind Program will be by invitation via the Customer Mastermind program. As a participant in a Product Specific Mastermind Program you will provide direct feedback and requirements for tool features, technology components, supported platforms etc.  You will also get free access to alpha and beta versions of the specific tools during the development and testing phases. By participating in this program and assisting us in defining tool features, specifications and assisting in testing, you may receive free or reduced cost licensing of the specific release product. Program details will vary by Product Specific Mastermind Program.

For more information about or to join our Customer Mastermind Program, please email us at [email protected].